The haunted Vienna: Free Walking Tour

Free Per group up to 4

The haunted Vienna: Free Walking Tour

Length: 3.0 km
Duration: 2.5 hours


Discover the scariest stories and places in Vienna by going on this unique Vienna walking tour.

You will explore Vienna's top attractions & haunted landmarks while discovering horror stories.

Visit the cursed buildings & landmarks of the city and solve riddles, all with the help of your smartphone and an exclusive mobile app.

Are you brave enough?
Free Per group up to 4
  • 3.0 km
    2.5 hours
  • Tour available in: German, English
  • After booking, follow the instructions you receive by e-mail for playing this city game & walking tour.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't enjoy the quest

Tour Highlights

  • You will go to the most haunted places in town
  • You will find out the horror stories of the people who used to live there
  • You will discover the curses that plague your city

Starting point



  • 1st place werner2 2500 POINTS
  • 2nd place christina kelkel 2495 POINTS
  • 3rd place kim2 2426 POINTS
  • 4th place claudia gomez 2378 POINTS
  • 5th place aude riquelme 2310 POINTS
  • 6th place iova ionut 2309 POINTS

Know before you go

  • Tour available in: German, English
  • Best at night
  • Not for kids
  • You need internet connection for playing


Go around Vienna and discover the imprisoned souls, the spirits and the mysterious skeletons of the city.

You will be led step-by-step to the cursed buildings where they will serve their eternal punishments as you learn all of their stories, before and after they were dead. 

Are you ready?

Customer reviews

based on 5 reviews
adina g

exciting, captivating, intrigueing - totally worth it!

shannon thwaites1

Needs to be a loop - too much forwards and backwards
More drama and murder
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Die Rätsel waren gut und informativ. Die Anweisungen sind größtenteils klar und gut strukturiert. Der geschichtliche Hintergrund ist interessant und man lernt die Stadt aus einem anderen Blickwinkel kennen.


Das ist interessant

gerard vila

Easy but fun!

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