Pont Neuf

Place du Pont Neuf

In the 18th century, Pont Neuf was the epicenter of Paris, the most lively place in town: from lovers to criminals, from aristocrats to the poorest Parisians, they all preferred to spend their past time here. You could see people walking on the bridge from sunset to sunrise, chatting and even making love. Pickpockets, thieves, and charlatans promising eternal life and health were “making a living” on the bridge. No wonder that this is one of the bridges to appear in a lot of poems and songs during the 18th century and beyond. Regardless of its importance for social life in Paris, Pont Neuf’s construction had a purely practical motif as it linked the Ile de la Cite, the heart of the city, with the surroundings of Paris. It is decorated with 381 macarons - stone masks and a bronze equestrian statue of Henri IV that add an artistic and complex note to the construction. Make sure to visit this wonderful bridge the next time you are in Paris.

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