The House of Alan Turing

2 Warrington Cres, Little Venice, London W9 1ER, UK

Alan Turing is considered to be one of the people with great influence in helping end World War II. The father of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence was a very important piece in deciphering the secret codes of the German military. This is the house he used to live in. The so-called Enigma machine that could decipher encrypted messages helped England win WWII and helped the British during the Cold War. Turing also had an intriguing personal life. After marrying one of his female colleagues he divorced admitting to being gay and fell in love with a man which was illegal at that time. He was found dead at age 41 by his maid under suspicious circumstances. No one knows if the cyanide he ingested and inhaled was an act of suicide, negligence on his part, or a homophobic murder. To learn more about Alan Turing and his house, you can go on a walking tour around Little Venice, a beautiful part of London.

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