Rembrandt Gardens

6 Warwick Ave, Little Venice, London W2 1XB, UK

Did you know that there’s a certain part of London that looks like Venice, Italy? It’s called Little Venice. However, its name doesn’t necessarily come from its resemblance to the famous Italian city but came from a novel in which the flats near this canal were compared to it. The Rembrandt Gardens are just a part of this beautiful area. It’s a park with a rather formal aspect and is considered one of the best spots in the city to read a book and connect with mother nature. Like many other parks and gardens in the city, the Rembrandt Gardens changed over the years to become a stylish garden open to the public. So if you need a break from the overwhelming feeling of the city, you might consider “hiding” here for a little while. If you want to walk around the Little Venice canals and visit Rembrandt Gardens, make sure to check out our Little Venice London walking tour and game.

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