8PVH+5J Dublin, Comitatul Dublin, Irlanda

The church and religion had always played an active and very important role in society. For Dublin, the Christ Church is no different. The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, as it is also called, is the oldest medieval cathedral in Dublin that still serves the nation. Both tourists and locals are mesmerized by the beauty of this church. Tall, with a medieval aspect that reminds you of all the traditions you learned about in history classes and erected in the old city center, the cathedral is hard to miss. Inside, you will find interesting medieval objects and learn about the famous rivalry between the Christ Church Cathedral and the St. Patrick Cathedral. The two used to compete for the title of the most important cathedral in Ireland until this competition was halted. If you want to visit the best Dublin attractions and learn the most exciting local stories, make sure you go on our walking tour of Dublin.

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