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Visit Copenhagen in the best way possible: by going on an interactive walking tour around town designed as a city game. You’ll see the top tourist attractions in London, but also a lot of hidden places and landmarks that only locals know about.

You will be amazed by the Queen’s Chapel, Big Ben, the Statue of Samuel Johnson, Horse Guard Parade, the Cutty Sark, London Bridge, and many more attractions. Walk around Trafalgar Square, Hyde Park, Albert Memorial, Little Venice, and Greenwich to get a taste of London.

Created by locals, each interactive walking tour in London has a specific theme and will take you on a fascinating game-like mission. You will follow clues, solve riddles and challenges that will unlock amazing local stories. For example, you will learn amazing stories about Queen, one of the most famous British bands of all time, visit locations from the Harry Potter movies or discover instagrammable places like Little Venice or the Cutty Sark.

What our players in Copenhagen have to say about us

yueci li

The general idea is nice and the story leads to almost all the important scenery spots in the city. However the instruction for direction is not always clear (although the questions were answered extremely fast, very impressive, especially given that I played late in the evening.). I had to walk around for many times not knowing if myself is in the right direction, walked not enough/walker too long. Recommended if you really have some spare time and if you are able to walk a lot.


maike hager1

thorge kollwitz

jasmin schafer

ingrid palau

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