Berlin during Nazi Germany: Saving Mr. Blum

9.99 EUR Per group up to 4

Berlin during Nazi Germany: Saving Mr. Blum

Length: 2.5 km
Duration: 1 hour 6 minutes

CREATED BY Xavier Garcia

Travel back in time and explore Berlin in times of war. Follow clues and solve puzzles to discover amazing stories and iconic places like the Bode Museum,  Monbijou Park, Humboldt University and more.

Are you ready to go on an adventure around Berlin?
9.99 EUR Per group up to 4
    Xavier Garcia
  • 2.5 km
    1 hour 6 minutes
  • Tour available in: English
  • After booking, follow the instructions you receive by e-mail for playing this city game & walking tour.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't enjoy the quest

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Know before you go

  • Tour available in: English
  • A single booking unlocks the quest on 4 different devices
  • You need internet connection for playing


It's 1934 and you must help a young man leave Nazi Germany.

You're the American-born child of German immigrants, visiting for the first time the country of your parents. They know that some of their old friends might be having a hard time after the Nazis came to power one year ago, so they've asked you to visit the Blum family in Berlin and ask them if you can help them in any way.

You're going to help Mr. and Mrs. Blum get their son Alfred out of the country. They know he's hiding somewhere in the city, and they know a man with connections in the underworld, who knows the location of Alfred. If you find this man, he'll then help you get a fake passport for Alfred to leave Germany.

You'll walk through the old clothing industry center, the university district and a very Jewish neighborhood, in a city that's been changing a lot since Hitler was appointed chancellor. You need to hurry up, because you don't know if things will get even worse for people like Alfred in the future. You owe this to your parents – and to the Blums, who are a lovely couple.

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