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Unique platform for tours

Questo provides tours in shape of city exploration games. The players can explore cities on their own by solving challenges that unlock new places and their stories.






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What is needed to create a tour?

Anyone can create a tour on our platform. All you need is a bit of local research. Our team will assist and guide you every step of the way.

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Three simple steps

Follow them to create a successful tour.

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    Take a few days for local research of your city including the theme, route, and some stories – it shouldn’t take more than 2 days. Our tour designer will then create the entire script specifically for you.

  • 2


    Decide how you want your quest to be presented, marketed, and sold. Choose the availability, price, branding, and other details you feel fits best.

  • 3


    Select where you want the tour to be sold, whether it’s online or offline channels. We’ll also help introduce your tour to our partners, as well as provide marketing consultancy.


Czech Republic


Starting point
V Pevnosti 159/5b, 128 00 Praha 2-Vyšehrad

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How much can you earn?

Access to your tour can be purchased through any channel. You will receive a different share of the revenue depending on the channel.
The following terms are available for Business creators. If you're an Independent creator, please check the Independent Creators page.


from purchases directly through
your channels:

  • website
  • OTAs
  • affiliates etc
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from purchases directly through
Questo channels:

  • app
  • website
  • others

Our partners say

See what our partners have to say about working with us

My team and I are thrilled to partner with Questo and create individualized adventures for those visiting Washington, D.C. We believe that this cutting-edge cultural experience will allow so many visitors to see, experience, and understand our beloved city in a uniquely vibrant way. As we stand at the dawn of social distancing and economic recovery, we are confident that this will play a pivotal role in bringing the tourism industry back to life. — Diane Maglaque, the owner and founder of Street Art and Museum Tours
In these challenging times we are delighted to be partnering with the young and innovative team of Questo. We are highly motivated to create the highest quality content to satisfy all travelers eager to discover local folklore and local cities. We trust Questo and JTBGMT co-created products will bring a new dimension to the tours and activities business in Japan, and help revitalize the industry. — JTB
We are truly excited to partner with Questo to curate personal, intriguing adventures for individuals or small groups. Our starting point is going to be Bangkok in the heart of Southeast Asia, together with Questo, we will open up a whole new world of local experiences across Asia. We foresee this being a real game-changer for our holiday-makers. — Monique Arnoux, CEO of Destination Asia
Sometimes people want to experience London on their own, at a time that suits them and at their pace, and Questo offers exactly that flexibility. We’re glad to launch our Jack The Ripper city exploration game with Questo. — Chris Heerey, CEO of Iconic London Taxi Tours
Sometimes, and specially in this period (Covid-19), people prefer to explore the city by their own, stopping when they want and the time they want. We are local guides and run walking tours but we want to reach as much people as possible, to give everybody the opportunity to discover fun things and history about a wonderful city as Pisa, and Questo gives us that flexibility to offer to our costumers. We are so excited with this new collaboration. — Andrea Domínguez, Discovery Pisa

Who are Questo tours for?


Groups of friends, families with kids, or even solo travelers can all enjoy a Questo tour equally, whether it’s their first time in the city or just revisiting.


Our tours are also built to be enjoyed by locals at any time. There’s always new places and stories to be discovered in their cities.


Looking for some team-building activities to do with your co-workers? Join a quest and race against the clock to discover new parts of your city together.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can. Once you register in the Creators’ Room, you will receive access to play one of our games from home.

Our channels include the Questo app and website. For all the booking we get for your quest(s) on our channels, you will earn 30% revenue share.

You will receive exclusivity for a theme, but not for a city. To receive exclusive rights though, the theme must be specific and easily identifiable. For example, if you create a quest about history, that’s not very specific, but if you create a quest about a certain historical event or character, then you can receive exclusivity for that.

Your quest will be available in the app for as long as our partnership is working, and the guidelines are met. We reserve the right to inactivate your quest if has quality issues.

Yes, you can.

We will integrate using popular booking platforms or, if needed, we can develop custom solutions.

We, as a platform are advertising all the quests, and we encourage you to do the same with the quests you are creating.

Usually, OTAs are considered your channels, but on request, we can do exceptions and sell your quest on our OTA channels.

Yes, you can.

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