You are invited to discover the captive souls, the spirits and the mysterious skeletons of Budapest.

Questo will guide you step-by-step to the cursed buildings where they carry out their eternal punishments, while you learn all of their stories.

Quest description:

Along the way, you’ll find the story of the spirits chained into old buildings, you’ll visit a house of vampires, you’ll meet the famous ghost boys and you will discover many other stories of the people who lived and died in those places.

Read this to find out what you have to do in order to explore the haunted places of Budapest.

  1. Download for free Questo app from Google Play / App Store.

  2. Choose the Haunted Budapest quest.

  3. Buy the quest by paying in the app with you card.

    You can’t pay with cash at the starting point. You’ll pay only once (for a smartphone) and you can play together with 1,2,3 or for friends. You all need only a phone in order to play. If you’re more than 5, we recommend you to split in two teams and play from two devices.

  4. Go at the starting point mentioned in the app and start playing by following the clues you receive. Enjoy!